Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye Comfy Clothes and 2010

I have LOVED having the last two weeks off. 
Really I can't express it enough, I think I loved it more than you can imagine!
No work, no time restraints, no commitments (other than Christmas parties!) and NO uncomfortable, professional, restraining clothes! 

I love waking up, washing my face, throwing on some sweats and just being home ALL day! I think there might have been one or two times in the last few weeks that I didn't even shower for like 2 days, fabulous!

This Christmas break I:

Went through EVERY photo album (24) and pulled out a family Christmas photo for each year to make a Christmas memory journal. I also spent a day or two putting in duplicate photos I had in a shoe box into their correct album. All while watching movies, movies, movies in my sweats or yoga pants! Cold Mountain, You've Got Mail and Family Stone just to name a few.

I cleaned out my linen closet(while wearing sweats).

Cleaned out the pots and pan cabinet(yoga pants).

I put away Christmas all by myself, carefully organizing each of my daughters ornaments by year. Each girl has her own box  holding all of the ornaments they have received from my mother for the last 21 years. (OK, it is starting to sound like I may be a little bit of an organized freak but take my word for it, I am not!)

I was like a cat some days, laying anywhere warm (in my sweats), next to the fireplace or my new favorite place next to the windows in my youngest daughters room. The sunlight pours in, it's the warmest spot in the house during the day!

Tonight we all happened to be home at one time and so I had a little project I wanted to do. I thought for sure they would all think it was as neat an idea as I did (not so much, ha ha).

We each got a different colored piece of paper and wrote down our goals for 2011.
 A list of things small and large.  
We each wrote our lists and then rolled them up, tied them with a ribbon and put them in a jar to be opened next year on New Years :)
(I might need a smaller jar, there are only 4 of us :)

It's the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. 
Whether you made a list or not of your resolutions, determinations, or goals, what your aiming towards, 
I pray that your year would be full of blessing, answered prayer, adventures and love, 
oh and also . . . comfy clothes!

Pretty are . . . comfy clothes!

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