Friday, June 10, 2011


I got to take my oldest girl yesterday to visit her new school! 

I went to beauty college, not that there is ANYTHING wrong with beauty college but it's just not the same as what I got to see yesterday!

The campus at this school was filled with huge trees some of them full of purple or pink flowers (wish I had taken more pics.) There were lots of little areas with benches under trees for students to sit and do their homework or just ponder the meaning of life and all that lies ahead of them.

My sweet girl and her boyfriend under one of those giant gorgeous trees!

But the thing that won me over, that made me want to enroll MYSELF yesterday were all of the activities available to the kids.

There are . . . 
free concerts (Gwen Steffani performed there before anyone knew who she was)
free movies on the grass
a free gym with a rock climbing wall
a underground area full of games and lots of other fun stuff
free food, free food, free food
lots of clubs to join with activities of their own,
and even a snow day in December (p.s. it does not snow in the OC) they truck the snow in and fill the quad and serve the college kids hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows!

Activities are my middle name, they make the world a better, or at least a more fun place to be!
Oh ya, I forgot to mention that we did get to hear about the 8 different college at this great University. (Am I the only one who never knew there were multiple colleges IN a University?) Just another reason I might need to get myself signed up today.

It was just a fantastic day!

After all the school stuff was finished we did a little eating, a little shopping and a little more eating. 

Then we took the scenic route home down the PCH through Laguna. (I could live the rest of my days in Laguna! It's my favorite place on earth, at least so far.)

Pretty is . . . CSUF (California State University Fullerton)