Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's raining! It's raining! I mean not just sprinkling or drizzling but really raining!
You think I'm too excited? Wrong! :) I think that last year it rained 2 times total . . . really!
Anyway, I love the rain :) I love it when the sky is dark and cloudy. I love the smell of the air right before, during and after the rain. I love it when the rain is warm and you can go out and play in it. I love it when the rain is cold and you can stay inside and curl up with a blanket and watch a movie or read a book. I love thunder and lightening too but that's another day. Today, I love the rain!

Now if only I could remember to think of the tests and trials that God allows in my life the way I think of the rain. To remember that they come in seasons. To remember that some are really hard and some are more like a light drizzle. To remember that in the midst of them, I can choose joy, to laugh and play and love. To remember that they are meant to draw me closer to Him and to His word like that blanket and good book. To remember that He is doing something in me, something new, something fresh!

Pretty is the rain!