Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, I mentioned that I got to go to L.A. with some girls the other day.

What I didn't mention was that we were going to see the Ellen Show!

I LOVE Ellen, she really cracks me up :) Actually I am completely star struck, movie stars, TV stars, twinkly stars in the sky, doesn't really matter, I love'em all!

No camera's are allowed in the studio so all of my pics were taken with my phone (my new i phone that I don't know how to use!). There is no flash on my phone so the quality is not great.

The guests for the taping we went to were a seven year old rapper from the South named Lil' Peanut (adorable!), Moira Tierney and L.L. Cool J.

We were all so excited to see what prize we might get! The show right before us got the brand new Maroon five cd and a movie bag with over $100 worth of free movies passes!

We got . . . . a cat calendar! You think I'm kidding!? I am not, here's the proof :)

Now it's not that I have anything against cats, I mean, I even own a cat but come on, it's just that it's not a bag of movie tickets or even a Maroon five cd. But I guess it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

We really did have a great time at the show and then went to eat at B.J.'s pizza afterward.
One word, Pazookie!

Pretty is a day with friends :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Mom Says" Mondays

My mom had a few sayings.

I'm sure ALL of our mom's had a few sayings!

On Mondays I am going to write about one of the sayings my mom or other mom's say, some are common, some not so much :)

Today's "Mom ism" is "It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick". 

Now the "It's" part of this saying is the variable. "It" would have been anything I was complaining about that could have been worse. And I guess in my mom's mind there is nothing much worse than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Nothing!

And when your complaining doesn't it irritate you when someone reminds you that things could always be worse or that you should be thankful for what you do have. 

The other day I was walking outside from one office at the airport to another and when I got to the second office I said "Whew, it's hot out there!" (by the way, I think it was about 120 degrees so I was NOT exaggerating!) And the girl in the office simple said to me "Could be worse". I was completely offended, totally angry! I even muttered it to myself on my way back to my car, "could be worse?, could be worse?!" Ugh, the nerve of her!  

Sometimes all you want is for people to join you in your little pity party. 

Well my mom has never been big on pity party's that's for sure!

I can't think of anything right off the top of my head that I might have complained about. I was practically a perfect child after all, so she must have been talking to my sister when she said this particular "Mom ism"! 

And I guess, now that I think about it, 120 degree heat is still better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

Pretty is . . . ANYTHING but a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

Friday, September 24, 2010

Serial Killers!

Yesterday I got to ride in a car to LA with three other girls. 

Can you think of anything more fun???

We laughed, and yelled directions at each other, talked and cried and of course ate!
(I will post pics later)

One of the "plethora" of things we talked about was what we wrote about the most for our high school reports. One of the girls wrote about dance and theater. Another of the other girls mentioned serial killers like Charles Manson (by the way, my best friend in high school also wrote about that!)  I always wrote about anorexia and the Holocaust.

I find it interesting that although I am not Jewish and had never even met anyone that was Jewish, God knew that I would one day marry a Jewish man! And although I never suffered with an eating disease, I do have two daughters (who have not either) that have several friends who have had to struggle with this issue.

I am just curious what you wrote about in High School and whether or not it has had any relevance in your life or if you are still just as passionate about it today. Let me know!

By the way, 
neither of my girlfriends who studied serial killers became one or married one! 
Praise Jesus! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something Changed!

"Something Changed" a funny part of comedian Brian Regan's stand up act (if you haven't seen him, check him out!).
That's the way I've been feeling about myself lately. Things are changing at such a rapid pace! There are more and more lines around my eyes, my face seems to be getting fuller and my jeans tighter, my girls are never home, so much change! The last time I think things changed this fast for me was probably kindergarten. In kindergarten you lose your teeth and get new ones, go to school for the first time, make your first best friend, learn to read and write and tons of other firsts.
I was just with my good friend Kendra and we were joking around about all the changes that are occurring to us and in our lives. One of the possible solutions tossed around was botox, another was not eating everything in sight, neither solution sounds fun. ha!

Oh and I forgot to mention that I am going blind, well ok, not actually blind but I can't read the things I used to have no problem with like text messages, directions on bottles, even my devotion in the morning. I now have to search around for my precious "readers". It's like being handicapped, seriously!
But they say change is good, right? 
Hopefully I am making changes for the better also. Becoming more mature, more forgiving, more patient, more loving, more giving, more trusting, and closer to Jesus!
Pretty is Change

Monday, September 20, 2010

College Football

This past weekend we went to visit some good friends in Colorado, Pastor Craig and his lovely wife Kendra :) They let us stay in their home and be part of their busy family weekend, a homecoming game, homecoming dance for their daughter, and church with them on Sunday.

While we were there we also got to go to a college football game.

Now this was my very first, ever, big time, college football game! Thanks to some other wonderful friends, Don & Dana who invited us and got us tickets to watch their son Brent who plays for the visiting team, Hawaii State.

I loved it! The band, the fans, the hot dogs and the beautiful CO weather! There was soo much excitement in the air! They even had a live buffalo, named Ralphie, run around the field before the game and at half time
But the best part of the weekend was enjoying time with our friends :)
Side note to daughters: Stay in college, it sure looks like a ton of fun!. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not So Pretty

I love Pioneer Woman! I love her blog, the way she writes, the things she makes, her photography, I love everything about her! If you haven't checked her out, do it today! I mean it! Or you'll be sorry. 
Today she gave some great advice to bloggers. One of them was to write often. I have failed miserably :( She said to write as if you are talking to your sister or girlfriend. Also not to get stuck in thinking you can only write about one thing. So today I am going to write, and I just have to let you know that it may not be PRETTY! haha!

Today I have a sore throat! This sore throat started as the kind that feels so tight that you're amazed when even water will go down and today has turned into the kind that feels as if surely there are razor blades in your water and those are also trying to go down your impossibly tiny sore throat!  Not only do I have a sore throat but a terrible canker sore right on the inside of my bottom lip! Also the sides of my mouth are soooo dry that they feel like they are going to crack wide open if I even chew gum. The up side to this is that I have lost three pounds because I am afraid my mouth will crack wide open if I chew anything! :) Losing three pounds has been very encouraging seeing that I have gained ten pounds since I turned 40 in Feb. And those ten pounds it seems would like to stay with me for the rest of my life!

In the last month my younger daughter got a bite (maybe spider, maybe not) on her leg which got infected and turned into MRSA. In case you don't know what that is, let me tell you it is a very serious disease (which is what her college coach informed everyone of in the first volleyball game program this season!). Now actually I don't even know if it is classified as a disease, however it is a serious infection that could stay with you for the rest of your life :( She is being treated and we are seeing a lawyer for the first time ever. We are not "lawyer" people. We have never had or needed a lawyer in our lives! The whole experience has been completely exhausting!

Here is the "bite" before being lanced.
 This is it after being lanced and packed with gauze.

Now isn't that PRETTY!

There are so many other things that are not "pretty" right now, but I must stop! I must remember that God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good! He loves me :) and even though I (we all) deserve to go to hell, we get to go to heaven! Things are lookin' up!

Pretty is The Pioneer Woman!