Friday, September 24, 2010

Serial Killers!

Yesterday I got to ride in a car to LA with three other girls. 

Can you think of anything more fun???

We laughed, and yelled directions at each other, talked and cried and of course ate!
(I will post pics later)

One of the "plethora" of things we talked about was what we wrote about the most for our high school reports. One of the girls wrote about dance and theater. Another of the other girls mentioned serial killers like Charles Manson (by the way, my best friend in high school also wrote about that!)  I always wrote about anorexia and the Holocaust.

I find it interesting that although I am not Jewish and had never even met anyone that was Jewish, God knew that I would one day marry a Jewish man! And although I never suffered with an eating disease, I do have two daughters (who have not either) that have several friends who have had to struggle with this issue.

I am just curious what you wrote about in High School and whether or not it has had any relevance in your life or if you are still just as passionate about it today. Let me know!

By the way, 
neither of my girlfriends who studied serial killers became one or married one! 
Praise Jesus! :)

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