Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something Changed!

"Something Changed" a funny part of comedian Brian Regan's stand up act (if you haven't seen him, check him out!).
That's the way I've been feeling about myself lately. Things are changing at such a rapid pace! There are more and more lines around my eyes, my face seems to be getting fuller and my jeans tighter, my girls are never home, so much change! The last time I think things changed this fast for me was probably kindergarten. In kindergarten you lose your teeth and get new ones, go to school for the first time, make your first best friend, learn to read and write and tons of other firsts.
I was just with my good friend Kendra and we were joking around about all the changes that are occurring to us and in our lives. One of the possible solutions tossed around was botox, another was not eating everything in sight, neither solution sounds fun. ha!

Oh and I forgot to mention that I am going blind, well ok, not actually blind but I can't read the things I used to have no problem with like text messages, directions on bottles, even my devotion in the morning. I now have to search around for my precious "readers". It's like being handicapped, seriously!
But they say change is good, right? 
Hopefully I am making changes for the better also. Becoming more mature, more forgiving, more patient, more loving, more giving, more trusting, and closer to Jesus!
Pretty is Change


  1. So, what happened to "our little secret?" Now that the cat's out of the bag. Speaking of bags, Renée forgot to mention that we have bags, puffy bags, under our eyes too. I guess we're past Botox. We need a full on face-lift! Can Dr. McSteamy do my face-lift? Hey, it's my dream I guess he can.
    But seriously, I am thankful for God's blessings ....a loving & Godly husband, beautiful, smart daughters who love Jesus, funny, loving, caring friends. And most of all I'm thankful for a loving, forgiving God.
    Love you Renée. Bad eyes, muffin top, wrinkles and all ;)

  2. i LOVE it!!!! great job! i thought my baby going to high school was more than enough change for this month, then her sister has to go and get engaged! i'm thrilled, but find myself next to tears every other minute...xoxoxo bbftl