Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ADVENTURE #2, Day 2!

I know you've been on pins and needles just waiting to hear what happened. 

Waiting to hear if we made it up to the mysterious building that we had been turned away from. 

I bet you haven't gotten any work done, slept or eaten.

OK, here it is!

Chantel and I headed off in the direction of the glass building on the hill, you remember the one. The one full of movie stars and producers just waiting to discover me. Or, the one where they hypnotize you and make you chant and give up all your shoes and purses.
Yes, we bravely headed up the hill. As we walked I began to feel a slight let down. What if it was impossible to get up there. What if it was nothing exciting at all and I had imagined to big (ha!). As we got close to the top of the hill I saw a gate with a sign that said
(From far away I could only see the word CLOSED)

I told Chantel,  "listen missy, I don't care if that gate is closed and locked or not, we are going over, under or around, whatever it takes." (groans from my friend)

As we got closer I saw the gate was open! It was our lucky break! We were going to get up there!!!

When we got to the gate we saw another sign

OMG, this was the entrance to a Visitors Center for a public hiking area. 
No movie stars.
No cults. 

A little let down but still determined to get to the top we kept going. When we finally arrived at the Visitors Center we talked to a girl and asked about the "sheriff" that had turned us away from crossing the wash (we thought we might take a pic with him.) She said "oh that's our park ranger, so YOU'RE the hot chicks that were trying to cross the wash!"

YES! YES!  That's us! The hot chicks!!! :)

Soooo Steven Spielberg wasn't there to offer me a movie contract but the park ranger thinks we're hot!

Pretty is . . . a park ranger!

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