Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Handmade (sorta) Valentines

 Last Friday I visited a wonderful blog called The Shabby Nest . She had a post that day called Frugal Friday. I'm not sure if she does this every Friday or not but it's so great! There were so many wonderful ideas! It was also my very first time linking to another blog :)

Anyway, one of the links I clicked on was a blog called "Take the Side Street." Anna had posted a blog with a free printable design for Valentines Day. 

Since my girls were little I have always done baskets for them for Valentines and Easter. But now that they are in college I have had to get a little more creative 

Chocolate bunnies and sidewalk chalk have been replaced with bikinis, jewelry and packs of gum.

Last year I hand made their Valentines day cards for the first time. It was SOOOO fun for me (and I think they liked them too!)

So when I saw this cute little idea I got going!

First I printed out the adorable e.e. cummings quote. I did just as Anna had suggested and sprinkled a little glitter on the heart.

never mind the messy desk!

I also tore the edges of this card and the pink scrapbook paper I used as a matte.

I used rubber cement to glue the cute little card onto the matte and then onto the black card I had left over from when I made their graduation announcements (oh the time is whizzing by!) But you could use spray adhesive also.

Soooo cute! Thanks so much Anna :)
And then . . . . I thought, what about the envelope! 


Not sure what I'll write on the inside yet :) 

Something to let them know how much I love them, 
how I've given my whole life to them, 
how extremely heartbroken 
and depressed, 
and alone I'll be when they leave me. 

Well maybe I'll leave that part out, save the guilt for another holiday. 

Most of all I will let them know that they are one of the greatest gifts God has ever blessed me with!

Pretty is . . . a handmade Valentine.

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  1. very cute project, love the phrase, thanks for linking up with type A today, can't wait to see what you link next week.