Friday, January 14, 2011


I know I said I would write about adventure #2 yesterday but what can I say, 
I got busy, 
I got tired,
 I remembered a few times but ultimately I forgot!

I hadn't had that sense of excitement and mischief that causes me to slightly misbehave, even break the law, for some time now. The last time I can remember was the trip to the beach with those crazy girls, that doesn't mean there hasn't been any ADVENTURE since then but this week I experienced an overwhelming sense of ADVENTURE!
I have started walking on my lunch breaks here at the school (it feels great). I have two choices when I walk, 
in the high school girls locker room on a treadmill or . . . 


Surrounded by God's amazingly gorgeous creation!


is winter

in the desert!

I don't want to walk on a track or in a gym or even the same route outside everyday. There is so much to see, new houses to look at, new streets to walk down, new ADVENTURES to be had!

So on Monday I walked alone down a street near the school headed toward our beautiful San Jacinto Mountains. 

I got to the end of the road and looked out at the desert hills at the foot of the mountain and saw a house on the hill, a few water towers and between those a building with a large glass window front. There were a bunch of cars in front. And I wondered what in the world was going on up there on the mountainside!

 But no time to find out, lunch is only an hour after all.

On Tuesday, my great friend and coworker Chantel walked with me. She agreed to walk up the same street with me even though she likes the track (she's driven, she likes to keep track of mileage, she likes to do marathons, she's amazing!) When we got to the top of the street, I pointed out to her the building and the cars.

 Now mind you I had been thinking about that building and what might be up there since the day before. 

I have to tell you that I have quite the imagination and I can dream up a story or a scenario in a matter of seconds and get my self pretty excited. 
There could be tons of movie stars up there, it is film festival time in Palm Springs right now. 
They might see me in my yoga pants and want me to be in one of their movies.
 It could be some kind of crazy cult where we would be kidnapped and made to humm all day long. 
It could be anything!

So I suggested to my almost equally adventurous friend that we traipse through the desert and see what it was, she agreed! 
Oh the joy! 
Oh the excitement!
 I could hardly stand it!

 We walked and hiked, we saw little tents of a few homeless dwellers. We saw an abandoned duffel bag and were tempted to stop and look inside (there could be a million dollars in there after all) but we pressed on. 
We could see that we were separated from the building by a large wash, with water streaming down from the snow melting on the mountain. At the top of the hill there was a concrete dam that we could cross so we headed for that.
Almost to the top we came across a small deterrent,
 a barbed wire fence and a sign that said NO TRESPASSING.

Small deterrent :)

We were sooooo close, I was not stopping! "C'mon!" I said," it's no big deal, there's no danger, we can do it!" 

Pressure, I know, I'm sorry but it's what I do when I really want something, ask anyone.

So we crossed the wire, and we pressed on! As we got to the top of the dam, my dear, sweet friend (who had been pressured to break the law and risk being shredded by the barbed wire, and who is also married to a police officer by the way) said "Oh my gosh, there's a sheriff on the other side!"

"Sheriff, I don't see any sheriff!" I said, "C'mon!" 

"Well Renee, do you see that man in the green jacket pointing us in the other direction over there? That's a sheriff!"

Let the giggling begin! We turned around and hightailed it back down that mountain so fast I almost wet my pants (which happens to me but thats another story!)

As we got to the bottom of the hill, I began my lament. 

"Ugh, I am soooo bummed, we were so close!
 I really have to know whats up there! 
Why were there people over there? 
How can we get over there!?"

On our walk back to the school we hatched a plan! We would return the next day. We would start on the other side of the wash and we WOULD get up there!

Now I'm afraid I've lost you since this is the most I've ever written in one blog entry so I'm going to stop and tell you what happened the next day on my next entry! 
Can you stand it? 
Are you dying to know? 
Is your imagination running wild like mine does? 
What do you think happened? 
Did we make it? 
What do you suppose we found?!

Pretty is . . . a good imagination!

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