Friday, December 17, 2010

Bloggers Delight!


I am amazed, overwhelmed even. I had some time a few days ago to sit in front of my computer for a long time (I'm not gonna say how long cause that would just be embarrassing).

While visiting Have a Cup with Me I clicked on one of the blogs that she follows called We Are That Family. On that day Kristen had posted links to over 200 other blogs!

I was so inspired by all the creativity! So touched by all the stories. So awed by how many wonderful women there are on here (the blogging world). I know we can't all be PW (I love her!) but each and every one of these blogs is unique, special & wonderful!

I had decided this year that due to lack of preparation last year (no after Christmas sale shopping) I would not be able to give a gift to every teacher and teachers aid I work with. 

But then I read a post on September the March called "Christmas Crack" and thought, "PERFECT!" And so today all of the teachers and staff here at our little Christian school will be on crack! Christmas Crack that is :)

Pretty is . . . a blogger and her blog.

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  1. Thank so much for linking to me!! September the March has a double meaning for me. Two years ago I was in a car accident that took away my perception of time. Crazy I I had to learn how to read the calendar and clocks all over again. The dates came back after a year or so of therapy and finally I just figured out how to tell time! So...growing up my husbands cousin if you asked her when her birthday was she would say, "September the March" (she was probably 3 at the time. After the accident my husband said to me, Oh now YOU'RE September the March! exactly. So it is our own little family saying. It could also mean time goes marching on...with or without out me! Whew! sorry for the long explanation!