Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Who would have ever thought I would be "grounded" at the age of 40 and yet that's exactly what I am, "grounded"!

I began working for Sky west airlines as a customer service agent (part-time) last winter with the thought that I might possibly want to become a flight attendant and travel the world.

I have decided that I like my own bed too much to fly ALL the time so customer service is a good fit for now. The real reason I took the position is the same reason that the other 90% of the people who work for airlines do, free flying for myself and my family!

I had such grand ideas of the places I would go, the people I would see. New adventures just a flight away.

I ran into a small glitch, I was working ALL the time! Between being an elementary secretary and working the few hours at the airport I had no time to travel.

Then came summer :) and seasonal leave of absence and Hawaii, San Francisco, Georgia and Colorado (3x's)!

Praise the Lord!

I returned to work in August, a little earlier than expected but then was put on leave again at the end of the month. This was perfect as it extended my travel time. You only get to travel for 90 days after you have taken a leave of absence.

 I got a call from the station manager yesterday letting me know that they won't be needing me til January or February. My response was "Great! No problem, don't worry about me, I'm so glad not to work two jobs and still be able to travel for free!"

Then came the bomb. My last day of work had been August 29th therefore the end of my 90 days was November 29th :( yesterday.


Now mind you I haven't gone anywhere since we went to Colorado in September. But now all I can think of is that I CAN'T go anywhere! Now all of a sudden I'm ready to fly to New York for Christmas, 

to Paris for the winter break

, to Abu dhabi like the "Sex in the City" girls. 

I'm sure if I had my benefits back I would be on my way to great adventures!
But for now I will be content, even thankful, to stay home with my wonderful family. Decorate my home. Be with my wonderful friends. Enjoy the Christmas season right here at home.

Pretty is . . . being grounded.

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