Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 minute blog!

I only have a few minutes to pound this blog out. I gotta go! I'm on my way to watch my baby play her very last volleyball game ever!

Just wanted to say what a great time I had at the Point of Grace concert at the McCallum Theater here in Palm Desert CA. The women were fantastic. They have been singing together, worshiping the Lord together for over 20 years and they look fantastic! 

A group of us from the elementary school got to go together because of the thoughtfulness and generosity of one of our former school parents. She was unable to use the tickets and thought a group of tired teachers, a principal and a secretary might enjoy a fun night together. She was right!

There wasn't a dry eye among us by the end of the evening.
One of my favorite songs was called "King of the World" a beautiful song about a Daddy and his daughter. Perfect father/daughter wedding dance song (Morgan!)

You can look the song up on You-tube (I don't have time to figure out how to put a link on here)
I was completely blessed and reminded of God's grace regardless of our circumstances.

Pretty is Grace

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