Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Pencil in Hair"

"Pencil in Hair", a new catchy tune? A yoga move? An Indian name (you know like, Runs with Wolves)? No, it's me, at the end of a long "hairy" day at the elementary school/church where I work!

One of our pastor's is actually the one who first called my attention to the correlation between a very busy day and the pencil in my hair.

Something happens to me about halfway through the day.

I just can't make one more lunch for an adorable 3rd grade boy who has forgotten his lunch for the 6th time this month. 
I can't put one more band-aid on a sweet little girls blistered hand who won't stay off those darn monkey bars. 
I can't type one more urgent memo or newsletter or bulletin that parents never read anyway.
I can't help one more wonderful pastor figure out how to get a jam out of the copier. 
I can't do ANYTHING, until I get my hair up.

"Why a pencil?" you might be asking right now. It's not very stylish, not very classy, not cool. 

The answer ... it's on my desk, it's fast and then  ...
I can get on to the 100 other things that are going on around me.

Pretty is

a Pencil

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