Thursday, October 28, 2010


OK, I know the rule of blogging is "No Copying" but I just have to comment on the fact that two of my  best friends have written on this very subject the last two days. One of them is Becky and the other is Ree. Alright, alright, Ree might not consider herself one of my best friends (since she has never met me or heard of me for that matter) but Becky, now she really is my dear friend!


Becky's post was all about the lists she makes and what their subjects or categories are. There was even a photo of a few of her lists. The lists were typed. Need I say more?

Ree actually wrote out a list. The list did not have a particular theme, just a group of random facts and thoughts.

What I want to say is that I also LOVE to make lists. However my reason is not always to get whats on the list accomplished but just to get the information OUT of my brain. It brings me great relief. Really. 

The problem is that just getting things out of my brain and onto paper does not mean that it will actually get done.

For instance here is one of my lists (not typed). 
 (notice I don't know how to blur my list)

It's actually a list of blog ideas I jotted down one day when I was overwhelmed with creative inspiration and didn't want to forget any of it. Now here is a dilemma, I can't remember why some of these ideas were so wonderfully inspiring!

For instance, one of the topics is "Fly Free". I do have the privilege of flying free since I started working for an airline but what amazing insight or inspirational thought was it that I thought I would want to share with you? Who knows! Not me. It's not on the list.

What I do know is that the day I made that list, I felt great! I felt like, "whew, now I can write on my blog all the time because I have this whole list of wonderful ideas to write about, and I won't forget any of them 'cause they are right here all written down for me!"

Pretty is a list (even if you never do one thing on it)!


  1. I love you, Renee! You are describing a brain dump - which is a very good reason to make a list. Thanks for telling my about PW's post - I need to call her and tell her to quit copying me. hee hee