Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bead In My Nose!

Today a little 3rd grade boy was sent to the office to see me. It seems that somehow he had gotten a rock IN his ear. As an elementary secretary/nurse the adventures are limitless! When he got to me in the office I did a little investigating.

Me "So how did you get a rock in your ear honey? Did it happen at home?"
Boy "I dunno. (tears are coming now) No it happened in class"
Me "Where did the rock come from?"
Boy "My backpack"
Hmmmm, my wheels are turning now.
Me "So, did you accidentally put one in your ear?"
Boy "Mmhmm." (lots of tears now!)
Now he must have really shoved that baby in there because I couldn't see a thing. But I knew it was in there. Sometimes you just know. Ya know?
Me "OK, don't you worry honey, you're gonna be just fine. Let me tell you a little story."

So I began to tell him, this sweet little frightened 3rd grade boy, about the time my own precious first born girl put a plastic bean from the game Don't Spill The Beans right up her nose.

She was almost the same age, well maybe younger, but I didn't tell him that. She was supposed to be napping when she came out of her room and said with a stuffy nose,

First born "Bob, i got a bead up by dose." 
Me "What? A bead up your nose?'
First born "Dow! A bead! From by game!"

That's when I realized she had mysteriously gotten a plastic bean up her nose. How it happened was beyond me. Certainly my very intelligent daughter would not push a plastic bean up her nose, right? Wrong.

Her claim, she was just lying there, trying to sleep, when that darn bean just JUMPED right up her nose!

All I can say is praise the Lord for doctors and the special nasal bean removing tools they own. 

I am praying today that for Boy they have a special ear canal rock removing tool as well.

OMG! I gotta go, another 3rd grader , stung by a bee. 

Which reminds me of the time I was watching my daughters friend and a bee flew up her nose and stung her inside her nose! But that's another story for another time!

Pretty is . . . a life experience that gives us compassion for others!

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  1. good one renee! i was thinking about the "bee stung nose, i'm gonna squash it" story too! and now the "i'm going to walk down the aisle and leave my mom" story continues to play...lovelovelove you! xoxoxo